Meet Our Team

Our RMHC Family welcomes families from all over the country and all over the world with open arms and open hearts. We are here to serve and help in any way we can.

Sandy Pagnotti
President & CEO
(410) 528 – 1010 ext. 102

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Brenda Brown
Executive Assistant/Grants Coordinator
(410) 528 – 1010 ext. 104

Debbie Hood
Vice President
(410) 528 – 1010 ext. 105

Lauren Kohr
Development and Community Relations Manager
(410) 528 – 1010 ext. 114

Susan Salt
House Manager/Family Advocate
(410) 528 – 1010 ext. 103

Amber Rose Gaines
Volunteer Manager

Gary Toft
Director of Transportation

Roy “Bud” Clapsaddle
Jack of All Trades

Amy Duke
Finance Manager
(410) 528 – 1010 ext. 107

Marlene Ghee

Penny Brown
Guest Services Manager

Latecia Williams
Guest Services Manager

Betty Matthews
Guest Services Manager

Cheryl Wainwright
Guest Services Manager

Angela Brown
Guest Services Manager